Learning Hub by MIPLearning Hub by MIP

As a global supplier of healthcare textile solutions, MIP provides comfort and efficiency for the healthcare community and its people, based on the belief that a real, vital impact exists within the seamless integration of science and caring around the world.

With over 40 years experience, MIP are experts in our field and by partnering with industry clinicians, we have developed the Learning Hub to provide a range of digital education and training tools to support knowledge and learning in healthcare textiles.  

Learning Hub by MIP is suitable for all, whether you are a user, buyer or seller of healthcare textiles. This platform is designed to give educate users on best practice of using  healthcare textiles and the benefits they bring.

Best Practice & Tips
Learn best practice and tips to use healthcare textiles in the safest way to avoid injury to your patients and yourself.
Tutorial Videos
These videos by MIP are created by our experts and clinicians to teach you how to use healthcare textiles and answer common questions.
Educational Blogs
Education blogs and guides from our MIP experts and partner clinicians to support your learning.
External Resources
Find helpful external resources from the NHS, specialist charities and more to further build your knowledge.

MIP provides a comprehensive range of comfortable and dependable products and services to the healthcare industry around the world. We're proud to be recognised and defined as a leader in innovation, forever at the forefront of our customers’ needs.